A Look at our Reporting

We created Nebula Explore to give people a way to have their whole genome sequenced while maintaining privacy and ownership of their data. Just spit in a collection kit, register it to your Nebula account, and return it to us, and we’ll provide you with your downloadable sequenced genome and a report on genetic traits and ancestry within 8-10 weeks!

For those who are on the fence about getting sequenced or just want more specific information on what our reporting provides, we’re pleased to provide a walkthrough of an example report.

Viewing your Reporting

8-10 weeks after you register your collection kit to your nebula user account and return it to us, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your reporting is ready. Then, log in at our portal (be sure to use the email address that you registered your kit with) and click on the “Reporting” tab.

Nebula Genomics - Sample DNA Test Results

Upon logging in, you’ll see the above page. Your reporting will contain up to three subtabs, highlighted by the red box at the top of the image. These include traits, ancestry, and the genomic newsfeed (genomic newsfeed available exclusively with purchase of Nebula Protect subscription). By default you’re started off on the “Traits” subtab, so we’ll explore that one first.


The “Traits” subtab contains information on your inherited traits; essentially, these are certain qualities that you are more or less likely to possess based on your unique genome. As seen in the image below, your traits are organized into four subcategories. For this walkthrough we’ll take a look at the traits in the “Body & Athleticism” category.

Nebula Genomics - Sample Inherited Genetic Traits
Inherited Traits - Body & Athleticism

Upon clicking on a category, you’ll see summaries of all traits within it. Note that some traits are labeled “new”; this is because if you’re subscribed to our Nebula Protect service, we’ll be consistently adding new traits to your report over time. For an example of what each trait includes, we’ll take a closer look at the Jimmy Legs trait:

Gene Variant - Jimmy Legs

At the top of each trait summary you’ll find the name of the trait, which gene it is associated with, and which variant is being looked at for the trait (this refers to the specific location in your DNA sequence that we’re looking at). Below those you’ll receive information in bold on how you express the trait based on your genome, and below that you’ll receive a description of what the trait means. For more in-depth information, click the “Learn more” button at the bottom of the summary, which will produce the pop-up seen below:

Jimmy Legs description

Here you’ll find a more in-depth description of what the trait is, how the gene is associated with it, and what your specific variant says about you. The bold text at the bottom will also tell you your actual genotype (which bases/letters you have at this location in your DNA sequence). If you want even more information and you have a scientific background, you can click the “Read Paper” button to see the actual paper we used as the basis of our reporting for this trait

Finally, if you’re a Nebula Protect subscriber, be sure to check back frequently, because we’ll be adding new traits to your report over time! Because you’ve already had your whole genome sequenced as opposed to just tested at a couple of locations like with other services, we’ll be able to give you new information any time our understanding of a new variant is improved.


Next, we’ll show you what your ancestry results could look like by navigating to the “Ancestry” subtab, which should be visible at the top of the page from anywhere within the Reporting tab. Inside ancestry, click on “My Data” at the top of the menu on the right side of the page to see a breakdown of your ancestral heritage like below:

Nebula Genomics Sample Ancestry Report

The right side menu will show you what estimated % of your heritage comes from which region. For more information about which groups each region consists of, simply click the region. Additionally, you can see all possible regions that we check for ancestry by clicking on “Explore” at the top of the right side menu. We will upgrade the resolution of our ancestry analysis over time and we’ll inform you when those come out, so stay tuned!

Ancestry Results & Breakdown of Heritage by Regions

Genomic Newsfeed

Finally, Nebula Protect subscribers will have exclusive access to our third tab, the Genomic Newsfeed. The newsfeed is a timeline of significant events throughout the history of genomics and genetics. It includes milestones in the study of the human genome, milestones pertaining to genomic data privacy, and the discovery of the effects of individual variants such as those included in our reporting. As scientists discover how more genes and variants affect your inherited traits, we’ll add them to the timeline along with new information about what your individual genome says about your traits. Find some excerpts from our genomic newsfeed below.

Nebula Genomic Newsfeed - Milestones in the study of the human genome

If you’re particularly interested in any particular entry, simply click the “Learn More” button for more information.

Downloading your raw genomic data

Although that covers everything that our reports provide, our reporting isn’t the only way to get information about your newly sequenced genome. At Nebula, we strongly believe that your genome belongs to you, which is why we encourage you to download your raw genomic data and do whatever you please with it. To download your data, simply click the “Download Your Data” button located at the top right of any page within our reports, as pictured below:

Nebula Genomics - Download Your DNA Data

Doing so will take you to our downloads page:

Nebula Genomics - Raw DNA File Downloads

There are several different formats available for your data. We’ve written another post on things you can do with your raw genomic data and which formats to use for what purpose, so do check it out if you’re inclined to do some independent genomic sleuthing or you’re just curious about what you can use your raw genomic data for.

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