Chronic Kidney Disease (Hellwege, 2019)

WEEKLY UPDATE: September 12, 2019

STUDY TITLE: Mapping eGFR loci to the renal transcriptome and phenome in the VA Million Veteran Program

SUMMARY: A study of over 1 million participants identified 82 novel genetic variants associated with chronic kidney disease.

DESCRIPTION: Kidneys have the crucial roles of filtering blood to remove waste and maintaining electrolyte levels in the body. Damage to the kidneys can cause waste to accumulate in the body, leading to higher risks of kidney failure which contributes to heart disease and other conditions. Much of the genetic contribution to kidney diseases is not well understood. his trans-ethnic genome-wide association study examined over 1 million individuals of East Asian, South Asian, African American, Hispanic, and European ancestries. 82 novel variants associated with chronic kidney disease were discovered. One of the most significant novel variants is near NRIP1. Mutations in this gene have been reported to cause birth defects in the kidneys, which can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease in young adults.

DID YOU KNOW? To help prevent kidney disease, eat healthily (in particular, consume less salt), exercise regularly, get sufficient sleep, and avoid alcohol as well as drugs. [SOURCE]


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Kidney Function (Video)
Chronic Kidney Disease

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