Schizophrenia (Lam, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: Comparative genetic architectures of schizophrenia in East Asian and European populations

SUMMARY: Discovery of 53 novel schizophrenia-associated genetic loci in East Asian and European populations.

OVERVIEW:  Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects how an individual perceives and interacts with reality. It is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, as well as abnormal thinking and behavior that impairs daily function. To discover novel genetic determinants of schizophrenia, this genome-wide association study included genomes of over 58,000 individuals of East Asian ancestry in addition to a cohort of European ancestry. The study identified a total of 208 genetic variants across 178 genetic loci of which 53 were novel. Together the variants identified in this study explain ~ 3% of schizophrenia risk. The study also revealed that the genetic basis of schizophrenia and its biology is shared across populations.

DID YOU KNOW? Symptoms of schizophrenia typically begin to appear during childhood. Daily living support, social skills training, as well as individual and family therapy have been shown to help schizophrenia patients. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

SCHIZOPHRENIA-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs9257566, rs75970938, rs1716180, rs7596038, rs2159100, rs7476192, rs58120505, rs2949006, rs66691851, rs17592552, rs1198588, rs11210892, rs4666990, rs4702, rs7785663, rs3929747, rs4855019, rs13262595, rs2577831, rs1926026, rs214475, rs10873538, rs11633534, rs6694545, rs217289, rs302321, rs6804239, rs7001340, rs117325001, rs13107325, rs6874127, rs2190864, rs28735056, rs9890128, rs4632296, rs2153960, rs3802924, rs7926389, rs72934570, rs28681284, rs35225048, rs172531, rs7605813, rs17164, rs4132385, rs61937595, rs3814881, rs6633421, rs2057884, rs17194490, rs9607782, rs13230421, rs2514218, rs11685299, rs3732386, rs1792709, rs374528934, rs6995307, rs55661361, rs57346805, rs12031518, rs8188203, rs5757730, rs13376709, rs7733403, rs58146172, rs11663602, rs7499362, rs41356645, rs2333321, rs2801578, rs10861879, rs13142920, rs11587347, rs7067170, rs160593, rs7676765, rs999494, rs2381760, rs148415900, rs2927176, rs6994019, rs2189806, rs9841616, rs13355485, rs72639203, rs12363019, rs117074560, rs6986895, rs13335685, rs77502336, rs71428218, rs76442143, rs6721549, rs17687067, rs9567393, rs758129, rs9342117, rs2319280, rs62152284, rs13164092, rs13261217, rs4793885, rs13284900, rs12328348, rs112222723, rs72986630, rs975025, rs1043009, rs5943630, rs867743, rs6128857, rs9636107, rs6670165, rs2010476, rs2767713, rs10517289, rs147786161, rs1451488, rs111589530, rs942820, rs3088186, rs1075195, rs7127399, rs2293018, rs7673823, rs419677, rs6938026, rs215412, rs72829007, rs79210963, rs4479913, rs4243617, rs946106, rs4365348, rs78895722, rs13019859, rs9420, rs10515678, rs1676062, rs75365967, rs28419375, rs11038391, rs73477270, rs2236989, rs59721702, rs79527984, rs11958187, rs73229090, rs10791099, rs2917568, rs337718, rs12104272, rs1357318, rs62244881, rs61257528, rs6703335, rs1483245, rs59159185, rs13004237, rs4734654, rs783540, rs2957582, rs3849490, rs61847303, rs4766428, rs7811417, rs3810449, rs533123, rs12421382, rs10777342, rs2634447, rs7599488, rs138636117, rs11878180, rs76262184, rs9656169, rs77441740, rs9569820, rs323169, rs12969453, rs112316332, rs117465168, rs5757773, rs200528994, rs793571, rs6797774, rs1191551, rs11615992, rs7271624, rs4697446, rs832190, rs1999512, rs61826793, rs76432012, rs6864084, rs2358740, rs28886334, rs1997529, rs9975024, rs6983764, rs12083902, rs1440849, rs17635239, rs74912003, rs11230827, rs7951609, rs28607014


WEEKLY UPDATE: December 12, 2019

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