Doctor with coat utensil thyroid cancer

Thyroid Cancer (Gudmundsson, 2017)

STUDY TITLE: A genome-wide association study yields five novel thyroid cancer risk loci

SUMMARY: Thyroid cancer is associated with genetic variants linked to the regulation of telomere length.

DESCRIPTION:  The thyroid is a gland at the bottom of the neck that produces hormones that regulate blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. Thyroid cancer is known have a strong genetic component. Therefore, this study examined patients with this condition in order to identify genetic variants associated with the disease. In addition to confirming previously identified genetic variants, the study found 5 new variants by examining over 290,000 individuals of European descent. Interestingly, 3 of the identified variants are near genes that play a role in regulating telomere length. Telomeres are repetitive sequences of DNA that protect chromosomes from degradation or damage.

DID YOU KNOW? Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce your risk of developing thyroid cancer, among other diseases. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

Thyroid cancer sample results.

ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs1588635, rs11693806, rs368187, rs2466076, rs116909374, rs12129938, rs7902587, rs73227498, rs2289261, rs6793295

Overview of Thyroid Cancer
Telomeres and Chromosomes

WEEKLY UPDATE: July 23, 2019

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