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Type 2 diabetes (Vujikovic, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Discovery of 318 new risk loci for type 2 diabetes and related vascular outcomes among 1.4 million participants in a multi-ancestry meta-analysis

SUMMARY: Discovery of 568 novel genomic regions associated with type 2 diabetes in a multi-ethnic study.

OVERVIEW: Insulin is a hormone that promotes cells to intake sugar from the blood. People with type 2 diabetes no longer respond to insulin, meaning sugar has a hard time getting into cells and builds up in the blood. This study looked at the genetics of type 2 diabetes in 228,499 cases and 1,178.783 controls that included Europeans, African Americans, Hispanics, South Asians, and East Asians. The authors found 568 associations, 318 of which are novel. Using this information, they also discovered that a higher genetic risk of type 2 diabetes leads to a higher risk of chronic kidney disease, peripheral artery disease, and neuropathy, all of which can be caused by diabetes.

DID YOU KNOW? Nerve damage, called neuropathy, can be caused by high blood sugar. It’s important for diabetics to control their blood sugar to prevent damage to their nerves. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

type 2 diabetes sample results

DIABETES-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs35011184, rs2237897, rs10440833, rs10811661, rs1421085, rs9859406, rs13266634, rs1111875, rs76895963, rs860262, rs2943650, rs13262861, rs10228796, rs10937721, rs11616380, rs28642213, rs11651755, rs10830963, rs464605, rs12910361, rs11257655, rs11602873, rs76675804, rs11708067, rs1260326, rs4929965, rs2796441, rs10184004, rs697239, rs17036160, rs757110, rs61779284, rs3751239, rs2257883, rs17866443, rs340874, rs13094957, rs8107527, rs72802365, rs243018, rs893617, rs34584161, rs75432112, rs6777684, rs2876354, rs730831, rs6567160, rs57286125, rs6946660, rs7732130, rs3130931, rs146886108, rs2290203, rs13434089, rs9379084, rs4237150, rs6813195, rs10938398, rs8071043, rs4865796, rs7163757, rs730497, rs79090772, rs12625671, rs2723065, rs56348580, rs9515905, rs12454712, rs8192675, rs7156625, rs3130283, rs529565, rs35895680, rs1127215, rs429358, rs3887925, rs56337234, rs6975279, rs34341, rs3918298, rs11759026, rs10188334, rs676387, rs3798519, rs2453051, rs58542926, rs9308614, rs9384, rs9316500, rs244415, rs6495182, rs2820446, rs9873519, rs12192275, rs4805881, rs8043085, rs66815886, rs1426371, rs4709746, rs55857387, rs10750397, rs10808671, rs3747207, rs1412234, rs12986742, rs2280141, rs79310463, rs67269808, rs917195, rs4923864, rs2115107, rs348330, rs56823429, rs12789028, rs13268508, rs72926932, rs80196932, rs12603589, rs3802219, rs11583755, rs1650505, rs73221116, rs11048457, rs11614914, rs6066138, rs10879261, rs3996350, rs55691245, rs149336329, rs838720, rs4809906, rs80234489, rs4930726, rs7147483, rs13040225, rs9472139, rs501470, rs7941510, rs6059662, rs177045, rs1801645, rs60384372, rs10773000, rs2282456, rs8054556, rs2409742, rs12883788, rs7674402, rs7758002, rs7633673, rs945187, rs56243018, rs4810145, rs4335, rs7224711, rs10998338, rs2169033, rs7178762, rs2591392, rs2040792, rs34247110, rs28819812, rs314879, rs73239895, rs12001437, rs539515, rs6741676, rs2277339, rs117316450, rs11078916, rs6792892, rs7659468, rs6538805, rs62492368, rs303760, rs2297508, rs8061528, rs10993072, rs1815591, rs56392746, rs2732469, rs9390022, rs9872347, rs7132908, rs75253922, rs7629, rs3816605, rs6956980, rs10408163, rs7895872, rs12419690, rs62618693, rs6716394, rs17035289, rs10916780, rs12380322, rs6710938, rs35251247, rs13237518, rs329118, rs4382480, rs2730827, rs113135335, rs12187734, rs75080135, rs2269247, rs7787720, rs144052331, rs9479, rs145904381, rs7227272, rs1561927, rs667920, rs6011155, rs6565922, rs1996617, rs36062478, rs583769, rs4776970, rs152839, rs10844519, rs11155073, rs112324411, rs117233795, rs7029718, rs7645613, rs8056890, rs28490139, rs13365225, rs149027146, rs7752666, rs12505942, rs7071036, rs60251368, rs187653072, rs6021276, rs2482506, rs11181613, rs3845843, rs10818763, rs8010382, rs2725370, rs2608953, rs11561066, rs993380, rs7246440, rs6073143, rs3887059, rs654629, rs34845373, rs111765639, rs13406280, rs2605281, rs1567353, rs57767539, rs3020781, rs5762925, rs6766859, rs41304257, rs3872707, rs2613499, rs4397977, rs924753, rs2188848, rs6549112, rs10737818, rs247975, rs7240767, rs6712905, rs2867570, rs17662402, rs174541, rs12185519, rs2872246, rs4479849, rs11646052, rs2032217, rs7970687, rs7554251, rs112515915, rs9814945, rs56799554, rs242105, rs61817176, rs2255703, rs2289739, rs12918782, rs3744347, rs379417, rs4777857, rs61736066, rs9587811, rs61579137, rs7742292, rs2056857, rs4906272, rs4671799, rs4343858, rs9913225, rs3755879, rs7483027, rs6835992, rs11201992, rs9568868, rs28712435, rs1408579, rs6714523, rs727734, rs12932337, rs12539264, rs13415288, rs76789970, rs4976033, rs9370243, rs11108094, rs3753693, rs11240351, rs34298980, rs13099581, rs62271373, rs34329895, rs9319943, rs506597, rs62262091, rs4655617, rs2956092, rs71495046, rs149447188, rs9257408, rs1431819, rs7546252, rs524903, rs200995462, rs9857204, rs12056338, rs2066827, rs9937296, rs35901985, rs7134150, rs1885234, rs72692804, rs1570247, rs12041243, rs12746673, rs11046164, rs2513505, rs4384608, rs10767659, rs2240716, rs10750840, rs1194592, rs2447198, rs2150999, rs16881572, rs3122231, rs3012060, rs12151653, rs9438610, rs1327123, rs9927842, rs6558173, rs73121277, rs9564268, rs261967, rs10096633, rs11913442, rs11998023, rs35753840, rs11199116, rs2408252, rs28408270, rs1470560, rs410150, rs6479591, rs10766076, rs858519, rs2252115, rs55812705, rs10404726, rs4902002, rs13059382, rs11173646, rs11159347, rs12128213, rs38221, rs4673712, rs28758542, rs62452060, rs13238568, rs10119430, rs723355, rs10159026, rs10889560, rs73642097, rs7274134, rs6597649, rs9991328, rs6972291, rs148106383, rs12856169, rs4833687, rs17810376, rs12669521, rs5010712, rs74677818, rs77424687, rs17265513, rs11096542, rs58090211, rs2633311, rs12422600, rs11258422, rs76263492, rs11114650, rs705145, rs7316626, rs59646751, rs33959228, rs884847, rs978444, rs1075855, rs2272163, rs2125799, rs7758115, rs17439448, rs138771, rs9869477, rs529623, rs4129858, rs4252505, rs6978327, rs9411425, rs79598313, rs11150745, rs116861182, rs1812707, rs72803684, rs1109442, rs10048404, rs2780215, rs6870983, rs12586772, rs3828242, rs2816177, rs10758950, rs3735491, rs4788815, rs6561273, rs11870735, rs197374, rs73146095, rs11929640, rs4942883, rs10787518, rs4658234, rs4834232, rs117642733, rs7664347, rs4440243, rs10806906, rs12892257, rs2662390, rs34506349, rs4463416, rs12992995, rs2952858, rs62182438, rs7991679, rs11236524, rs6715901, rs10262104, rs11830241, rs73184014, rs510062, rs146716733, rs10101067, rs73167517, rs59020573, rs3779272, rs35164294, rs36111056, rs217256, rs7912336, rs2031847, rs56281442, rs302395, rs6976111, rs12116935, rs8188241, rs2913873, rs17747955, rs12433335, rs113414093, rs7538321, rs620191, rs56365443, rs4482463, rs11994255, rs2394186, rs2679745, rs6897117, rs142385484, rs1922879, rs11848361, rs9358912, rs4294149, rs9958640, rs305686, rs6137042, rs12494424, rs7127212, rs75619936, rs12680217, rs10835690, rs61967710, rs827237, rs4807125, rs75307421, rs853866, rs114136102, rs34617913, rs59489841, rs7169799, rs362307, rs13107325, rs9560114, rs17772814, rs111283203, rs2216063, rs1662185, rs4820323, rs12667919, rs12825669, rs10469860, rs712315, rs4832290, rs1929883, rs9449295, rs366577, rs28792187, rs13330163, rs62255926, rs11858759, rs372558, rs16907058, rs72846863, rs1877712, rs243513, rs6885157, rs538801, rs13288108, rs62490267, rs7130522, rs12140153

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WEEKLY UPDATE: June 25, 2020

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