Genomelink review – Are new traits every week worth a subscription?

Rating based on our Genomelink review

7 facts from our Genomelink review

  1. Genomelink Location: Japan and Silicon Valley
  2. Products: DNA data upload for trait analysis
  3. Reports: 150+ trait reports that focus mostly on “fun facts”; additional reports on ancient ancestry, nutrition, and fitness
  4. Report delivery: trait reports are delivered through the Genomelink website
  5. Cost: Free (access to 25 traits) or $14/month (for 150+ traits), additional reports for $24 – $39
  6. Privacy: will share genetic data with consent only
  7. Alternatives: Nebula Genomics (free expanded DNA analysis; 30x whole genome sequencing), Vitagene ($49-$289) and Athletigene ($19.99 – $174.99).


This a review of Genomelink, a DNA data upload, and analysis service. It supports uploads of 23andme, Ancestry, or MyHeritage files. Users receive insights into nutrition, personality, and fitness. The service is owned and operated by the Tokyo-based genomic software company, AWAKENS Inc., which now resides in Silicon Valley.

AWAKENS Inc. was co-founded by Yuta Matsuda, Tomohiro Takano, and Kensuke Numakura.

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Getting started with Genomelink 

Users are required to upload raw DNA data from 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage. Users can also let Genomelink connect directly to their 23andMe or Ancestry account to retrieve their DNA data. 

Review of Genomelink Trait Reports

Here, we will look at Genomelink’s main trait reports.

Genomelink’s goal is to help its users learn more about themselves by analyzing various traits. A full list of these traits can be found here. Importantly, Genomelink does not report on any health-related traits.

Users who upload the DNA data will immediately receive 25 trait reports free of charge. These include Physical Traits, Personality, Intelligence, Food & Nutrition, and Fitness. This provides users with a sample of Genomelink’s services to explore before full purchase.

Users access their Genomelink dashboard to examine various trait analyses. 

Based on one or multiple genetic variants, Genomelink estimates the tendency towards exhibiting a trait. In addition, users are given a level of reliability for each trait. This is calculated based on the amount of scientific data that backs up the markers for traits.

This is followed by a list of research papers referencing genome-wide association studies that identified genetic variants linked to the trait.

Genomelink users also have the ability to provide feedback to Genomelink about the accuracy of your results. Some users cite that their trait reports do not accurately reflect themselves. Genomelink addresses this concern in a blog post and explains that their reports are only as accurate as of the research studies behind them. Importantly, the company also publishes the accuracy feedback score from its users, which says that 93% of its traits have a higher accuracy score than inaccurate. You can learn more about their accuracy score in this post

The user is also able to compare his or her data with one other Genomelink users.

Some of the trait reports available on Genomelink.
Some of the trait reports available on Genomelink.
A look at a sample Genomelink trait report.
A look at a sample Genomelink trait report.

For $14 per month, Genomelink users can purchase an unlimited plan. This gives users immediate access to 100+ additional traits. Furthermore, users receive additional trait reports every week. 

Additionally, users are able to compare their data with five other Genomelink users. 

Genomelink Report Packages

We also want to review Genomelink report packages. In addition to the regular trait reports, Genomelink offers three reporting packages: Ancient Ancestry Report, Personalized Nutrition Advice, and Personalized Fitness Report. These reports cost extra and are delivered as PDF downloads.

Review of Genomelink Ancient Ancestry Report ($29)

This ancestry report provides users their ancient admixture. It breaks up users’ ancient ancestry into Hunter-gatherers, First Farmers, Steppe pastoralists, Indigenous Americans, West African, East Asian, and South Asian. This is done by comparing user samples with ancient DNA samples.

The report also describes the typical physical characteristics of these groups, such as hair, eye, and skin color. Additionally, you can learn about the migration history of each group through stories and maps. This allows you to feel emotionally connected to your ancestors and brings their experiences to life. 

Genomelink Ancient Ancestry Report.

Review of Genomelink Personalized Nutrition Advice ($24)

To generate this report, Genomelink first asks users to complete a questionnaire on their food and health habits. The results of this questionnaire are then combined with genetic analysis.

The results of the report tell you whether your intake of various micronutrients, including vitamin A, B12, C, D, E and Folate is sufficient given your personal genetics and recommends increased intake in some cases. Genomelink then suggests a list of foods they should eat. 

For example, suppose a user needs a Vitamin A rich based on their genetics but does not consume Vitamin A rich foods. The users are then recommended to eat more sweet potato, beef liver, spinach, and carrots. 

Genomelink Personalized Nutrition Advice.
Genomelink Personalized Nutrition Advice.

Review of Genomelink Personalized Fitness Report ($39)

This Genomelink report provides a genetic score for endurance, speed, and strength performance. Genomelink users are recommended training routines based on their unique genetic make-up. The reports include lists of genetic variants that were analyzed to generate the recommendations. 

These recommendations are particularly useful to those wishing to increase their athletic performance and highlight their fitness strengths. For example, someone with a high genetic score in endurance may be able to develop endurance faster than others. That individual would be recommended a fitness training routine involving aerobic exercises. 

Genomelink Personalized Fitness Report.
Genomelink Personalized Fitness Report.

Review of Genomelink Privacy

Genomelink’s extensive Privacy Policy discloses what information is collected about you, and how it is used.

If you consent, Genomelink shares your information with a list of Third-Party Subprocessors, as well as with research partners.

Is Genomelink safe? If you feel unsafe using Genomelink services, you can request to have all information deleted. 

Genomelink in the News

Genomelink has been mentioned in articles found in WIRED, TheScientist, and Business Wire

Genomelink Reviews 

Genomelink Pros/Cons 

Genomelink Pros

  • Clear and comprehensive reports.
  • Receive the first 25 traits analysis for free.
  • Scientific data and resources provided for each trait.

Genomelink Cons

  • Reports limited to “fun facts” according to many

Nebula Genomics 

In this final part of our Genomelink review, we will compare Genomelink with Nebula Genomics and other DNA testing companies.

DNA data upload and analysis

If you have received DNA genotyping through Ancestry or 23andMe, you can upload your genetic sequencing results to Nebula Genomics. You will then receive an expanded genetic report for free! While Genomelink reports are limited to your raw DNA data, Nebula uses statistical models to expand your DNA data. Therefore, our Nebula Research Library provides users with much more information than Genomelink.

30x Whole Genome Sequencing 

To users who want more than DNA data uploads, we offer 30x whole genome sequencing. It is the most complete genetic test that decodes 100% of your DNA. It produces 10,000 times more information than that provided by 23andMe or Ancestry. 

23andMeAncestryDNANebula GenomicsGenomelink
Type of genetic testing providedDNA microarrayDNA microarray
30x Whole- Genome SequencingNo DNA testing offered
Ability to upload raw DNA dataNoNoYes (23andMe and Ancestry)Yes (23andMe, Ancestry, and MyHeritage)
Target customerConsumers who are interested in ancestry and connection with relatives.Consumers who are interested in ancestry and connection with relatives.Consumers who are interested in advanced reporting and complete DNA testing.Consumers who are interested in “fun” traits. 
Regular reporting updatesNoNoYes (check out the Nebula Library).Yes
Data exploration toolNoNoYes. Gene analysis tools, variant search tool, genome browser.No
Cost$99, $199, or $499$99 – $149$0-$299$0-$59, or $14/month

Genomelink vs 23andMe vs Ancestry vs Nebula Genomics 

Alternative services that provide similar expanded genetic analysis to Genomelink include Vitagene and Athletigene. Did you like our Genomelink review? Take a look at our other reviews! Or check out our guide to DNA upload sites!

Or would you like to contribute to research but be compensated? Check our our Luna DNA review!

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