Migraine (Anttila, 2013)

WEEKLY UPDATE: August 30, 2019

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new susceptibility loci for migraine

SUMMARY: Identification of genetic variants associated with migraines and synaptic function.

DESCRIPTION: Migraines are recurring headaches characterized by severe pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. A migraine is the most common brain disorder, affecting 14% of adults. Currently, few genetic factors that associate with an increased predisposition to migraines have been found. This genome-wide association study identified 12 migraine-associated genetic variants, of which 5 are novel, by examining over 100,000 individuals of European ancestry. Most of the discovered variants are located in or near genes that play a role in synaptic function. Synapses are connections between brain cells that pass signals and enable communication.

DID YOU KNOW? Limiting stress, exercising, as well as sticking to a regular sleep and eating schedule may help prevent migraines from occurring. [SOURCE]


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Synapses (Video)

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