Nutrisystem review – Can a personalized nutrition plan help you lose weight?

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7 Facts from our Nutrisystem Review

  1. Nutrisystem location: Fort Washington, PA
  2. Products: Direct-to-consumer weight loss meal kits; DNA testing kit
  3. Privacy: Share aggregate or de-identified information for marketing, advertising, shipping, billing, and other purposes
  4. Cost: Prices range from $9.09/day to $25.32/day for women and $7.79/day to $22.73/day, dependent on the type of plan and order option
  5. Reviews: Generally good
  6. Complementary products: Nebula Genomics (DNA test that decodes 100% of DNA and provides the ability to explore genetic traits associated with nutrition)
  7. Alternatives: Weight Watchers ($2.87/week digital tracking – $7.79/week coaching+digital tracking) and Jenny Craig ($12.99/day – $21.26/day)

Nutrisystem Introduction

This is a review of Nutrisystem, a food delivery service that specializes in personalized weight management. The company was founded in 1972 by Harold Katz. On their website, the company claims to have helped millions of people lose weight in its over 45 years in existence. Individuals choose a meal plan and receive Nutrisystem’s prepackaged meals and snacks delivered to their homes. 

Nutrisystem started its direct-to-consumer marketing under Michael Hagan in the early 2000s. Before that, it was a diet center called Shape Up, then a liquid protein diet franchise, and finally a food company. Currently, the company offers 3 types of plans: Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate. Different versions of these 3 plans are available for men, women, and persons with diabetes. There is also a vegetarian option. 

This service is available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Shipping is free in the Continental U.S. while standard shipping and handling rates apply to orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. 

Did you know that your DNA determines which foods are best for you if you want to lose wight? However, most genetic tests like the Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint decode only 0.02% of your DNA. At Nebula Genomics, we offer Whole Genome Sequencing – the most complete DNA test that decodes 100% of your DNA. It will enable you to learn more about your wellness, health, and diet than any other DNA test! Click here to learn more!

About the Nutrisystem Science

The Glycemic Index 

Nutrisystem’s weight loss plans are based on diets high in carbohydrates with a low glycemic index value. These carbohydrates break down slowly in the body and help keep blood sugar steady. They also result in a feeling of fullness. Therefore, individuals who eat low glycemic-value foods tend to have steadier blood sugar levels and smaller appetites, which the company claims results in weight loss for their customers. In a study sponsored by Nutrisystem, Inc and performed by an independent contract research organization, overweight men and women saw an average weight loss of 15.4 lbs in the first 2 months.

Nutrisystem provides healthier versions of common foods.
Benefits of Nutrisystem plans.

Other nutritional information

All Nutrisystem plans include a mix of nutrients, lean protein, high fiber, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors. It also offers gluten-free food.

The plans align with national guidelines for total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and added sugars.

Review of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem delivers pre-packed food directly to a consumer’s home and provides information for fresh food to purchase. To start a diet, a customer chooses a plan, selects meals and snacks, and waits for them to be delivered. The auto-delivery option allows customers to receive a planned shipment every 4 weeks. 

Nutrisystem delivers healthy versions of common food that people typically enjoy.
How Nutrisystem works.

All plans include support and counseling options from trained weight-loss coaches, registered dietitians, and certified diabetes educators available seven days a week. With the NuMi® app, customers can access personalized meal plans and grocery guides. They can also follow weekly challenges and potentially win prizes for tracking their progress.

Review of Nutrisystem Subscription Plans

Nutrisystem offers three levels of plans for men, women, and persons with diabetes.
Nutrisystem plans.

Basic Plans

Nutrisystem and Nutrisystem D (plans specific for persons with diabetes) offer 4 variations of the Basic plan: Nutrisystem for women, Nutrisystem for Men, Nutrisystem D for women, and Nutrisystem D for men. 

The Basic Nutrisystem plan provides 4 Nutrisystem non-frozen meals per day plus directions on how to prepare additional meals.
Sample menu.

A basic plan provides meals for 5 days of the week. All meals and snacks in this plan are non-frozen menu items. Customers receive the Chef’s Choice option for the first week in which Nutrisystem selects meals, snacks, and shakes each day designed to jumpstart weight loss. This first week of non-customizable meals is only required for the customer’s first order, but may be purchased for future orders. 

The following weeks include Nutrisystem meals and snacks, 2 Flex meals, and fresh groceries. Flex meals are meals customers can make at home to practice with healthy food recipes. Customers can choose their meals during checkout.

The main difference between the women’s and men’s basic plans is that women receive four Nutrisystem meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack) a day while men receive five meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks) due to larger calorie requirements for men. Both men and women eat a total of 6 times a day on these plans — the remaining meals and snacks are purchased separately. 

The Nutrisystem D basic plans for men and women work the same way as the original basic plans. The biggest difference is the types of foods in the Nutrisystem D plans are tailored to persons with diabetes, including foods that lower A1C. 

Uniquely Yours Plans

Uniquely Yours plans include everything covered in the Basic plans plus more menu variety like frozen meals. There are separate Ultimately Yours plans for men, women, and persons with diabetes.

The Uniquely Yours (Plus) plans include a personalized menu option with many food choices. Customers complete a six-question survey and receive a plan matched to body type, goals, and food preferences. Nutritionists provide personalized food recommendations and customers have the option to review nutritionists’ recommendations and make changes during checkout.

Personalized meal plans are available with the Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan options.
Plan customization.

Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plans

Uniquely Yours plans include everything covered in the Basic plans plus an additional 2 days of meals for a complete week of food. There are separate Ultimately Yours Ultimate plans for men, women, and persons with diabetes.  

Menu items include frozen and non-frozen options.
Vegetarian sample menu.

Vegetarian Plans

The Vegetarian plans are similar in style to the basic plans except with vegetarian menu selections Nutrisystem offers separate vegetarian plans for men and women. Vegetarian plans cannot be personalized as with the Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Ultimate plans. 

Review of Nutrisystem Cost

Nutrisystem plans cost $9.09–$25.32 for men and $7.79–$22.73 for women depending on the type of plan and ordering option. A single shipment includes 28 days of meals.

BasicUniquely YoursUniquely Yours Ultimate
Men (full price)$509.07/shipment ($18.18/day) $599.98/shipment ($21.43/day) $709.07/shipment ($25.32/day) 
Women (full price)$436.34/ shipment ($15.58/day) $527.25/shipment ($18.83/day) $636.34/shipment ($22.73/day) 
Men (monthly auto-delivery)$279.99/shipment ($10.00/day)$329.99/shipment ($11.79/day)$389.99/shipment ($13.93/day)
Women (monthly auto-delivery)$239.99/shipment ($8.57/day) $289.99/shipment ($10.36/day) $349.99/shipment ($12.50/day) 
Men (Save 50% when you pay for 2 months)$509.07/2 shipments ($9.09/day)$599.98/2 shipments ($10.71/day)$709.07/2 shipments ($12.66/day)
Women (Save 50% when you pay for 2 months)$436.34/2 shipment ($7.79/day) $527.25/2 shipment ($9.42/day) $636.34/2 shipment ($11.36/day) 
Nutrisystem and Nutrisystem-D
Men (full price)$599.98/shipment ($21.43/day) 
Women (full price)$527.25/shipment ($18.83/day) 
Men (monthly auto-delivery)$329.99/shipment ($11.79/day)
Women (monthly auto-delivery)$289.99/shipment ($10.36/day) 
Men (Save 50% when you pay for 2 months)$599.98/2 shipments ($10.71/day)
Women (Save 50% when you pay for 2 months)$527.25/2 shipment ($9.42/day) 
Nutrisystem Vegetarian

Review of Nutrisystem Privacy

Nutrisystem protects customer information from unauthorized disclosure with industry-standard technology associated with online transactions. The company collects personal and contact information, credit card information, and voluntary survey responses from its customers. They share information with third-party vendors for shipping and billing purposes and may share aggregate statistics regarding website use such as traffic patterns and sales. 

Nutrisystem may also make email addresses available to other businesses for marketing purposes. Customers can opt-out of having information shared with marketing companies under email preferences on the website. 

For more information, Nutrisystem’s privacy policy can be read here

Other Nutrisystem Reviews

Nutrisystem Pros and Cons


  • Direct-to-consumer meals for weight management
  • Relatively large menu selections
  • Convenient ordering with little to no food prep needed
  • Access to coaches, dieticians, and diabetes counselors


  • A majority of meals are processed and frozen
  • Not designed to be a permanent diet
  • Could be a high cost depending on the current grocery bill
  • Not recommended for people with food allergies

Nutrisystem’s DNA Testing Kit

Nutrisystem sells a DNA testing kit called DNA Body Blueprint. The results provide individuals with diet plans tailored to their unique genetic profile to help them lose weight. Results from the report are designed to be used with Nutrisystem diet programs, but the purchase of a plan is not required to buy the DNA testing kit. 

Nutrisystem uses a DNA testing kit to inform customers how their genes affect nutrition.
Benefits of the Nutrisystem DNA test.

Taking a Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint DNA test

Customers take a DNA sample using a cheek swab and send it to the certified lab for analysis.
Nutrisystem DNA test.

Customers order their kit online. They follow the instructions in the kit to collect a cheek-swab sample and send it to Nutrisystem’s certified labs in a prepaid envelope. 

A Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint Report

Customers are notified when their results are available online through a secure link. They receive a DNA report with weight loss programs tailored to their genes. The report contains details as to which foods are best for a customer’s body and dietary recommendations. Nutrisystem’s DNA report is for health and eating purposes only, it does not provide ancestry or other insights into the genome. 

The Nutrisystem DNA report is broken down into six sections:

  1. Personalized Nutrition Plan: Insight into how your body responds to food and which foods are best for healthy weight loss and maintenance. This section includes a personalized meal planner and grocery store guide.
  1. Food Breakdown: Information about how your body processes food, and recommendations based on DNA results.
  1. Eating Behaviors: Insight into predispositions to foods such as sugar, coffee, and overeating in general. This section includes personalized action plans that will help you make lasting healthy changes in your life.
  1. Metabolism: Explains how your DNA affects your body’s ability to lose and maintain weight. This section includes a recommended action plan.
  1. Fitness: How your genes affect which physical activities are best for you, so you can get the very best results from your fitness routine.
  1. Vitamins & Minerals: A full report on how your body processes essential vitamins and minerals.

Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint DNA Test Cost

The Nutrisystem DNA testing kit costs $99.99. Promotion is available which drops the cost to $79.99. The price includes the kit, a DNA report, and a personalized nutrition plan. 

Nutrisystem Privacy Policy

Customer’s data is de-identified and assigned an ID number when they register their kit online. Nutrisystem’s lab partners are only provided the ID number with each kit. The company will save customer personal and DNA information unless the customer requests it to be deleted. 

Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint Reviews

Nebula Genomics

At Nebula Genomics, our goal is to empower you to discover more about your genome including your nutritional health. This can help you determine the best foods for your genetic makeup before purchasing a diet product like Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem offers its own DNA testing kit to assist customers in designing their diet plan. The report provides an in-depth analysis of how your body processes foods and which foods are best for your health goals. 

While Nutrisystem focuses solely on nutrition and weight loss, Nebula Genomics provides insights into many other genetic traits. Nebula Genomics offers the most comprehensive genetic testing through whole-genome sequencing. With our new 30x Whole Genome Sequencing service, we determine 100% of your DNA. You can examine genes of interest, identify relevant mutations, and search for genetic variants. You can even view your sequencing data from your own computer. Results also include data access, weekly reports, ancestry analysis, and exploration tools.

If you have already participated in 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you can upload your DNA data for free and get an expanded DNA report. We use a process called imputation to fill in the blanks left by typical DNA tests. 

As a customer, you have access to hundreds of traits and curated research studies through the Nebula Research Library, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge research as it comes out, including research on nutrition, and what it means about you and your DNA.

Furthermore, we offer the most affordable 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing service for $299! This genetic test reads 100% of your DNA. That is 10,000 times more data compared to tests like 23andMe or AncestryDNA!


Nutrisystem is one of many companies offering at-home meal delivery. Unlike competitors, the company has a long history and focuses on weight management and diet plans. Experts believe that Nutrisystem does lead to short term weight loss due to small portion control and reduced calories in prepackaged meals. There is currently no information as to whether long term weight loss ultimately results from these diets. Alternatives to Nutrisystem include Weight Watchers and Jeannie Craig

Although the nutritional value of the Nutrisystem meal plans appears to encourage weight loss, at least in the short-term, the cost of these prepackaged meal plans may be prohibitive. 

The Nutrisystem Body Blueprint DNA testing kit provides information on how genetics affect a customer’s ability to gain or lose weight and can be used to help individuals choose their diet. The reports are limited to nutrition insights and weight loss plans.

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