Introducing the Nebula Library

Nebula Genomics customers get access to the Nebula Library, a weekly updated collection of personalized reports based on the latest genetic discoveries. It empowers our users to stay up to date with the latest research in human genetics and learn how it applies to them. Today, the Nebula Library includes over 150 genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and new reports are added every week. To access your personalized Nebula Library, you need to purchase our whole-genome sequencing or you can also upload existing DNA data. However, we also made the content of the Nebula Library publicly available here to help you discover reports that interest you.

Nebula Library – Unlocking Genetic Research

Imagine your genome like an orchestra. Sometimes, sound flows from just one instrument, a gifted soloist that single-handedly fills the concert hall. But more often, the music is an amalgamation of many different instruments, each one making a small contribution to the overall tune. Today, genetic research seeks to uncover how an orchestra of genes determines various traits and how diseases occur if that orchestra is out of tune.

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