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Importing Genomic Data

Do you want to use the Nebula platform after having already been sequenced/genotyped by another genetic testing service? Great! Follow these simple instructions to upload

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Rare Disease Day 2019
Free DNA Seqeuncing

World Rare Disease Day: What It Means to be Rare

Today, the world focuses its attention on these patients during international World Rare Disease Day. World Rare Disease Day occurs on the last day of February every year and is highlighted across social media, legislative conferences, community events, and seeks to raise public awareness about the lives of people with rare diseases and the challenges they face. On this day, patients, medical professionals, caregivers, health advocates, and policy makers come together to discuss new ways to improve both care and quality of life for patients and their families.

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Nebula Genomics

DNA Privacy. A New Approach.

Genetic testing kits are one of the hottest consumer products on the market today. More than 26 million people have taken an at-home ancestry test. In the last year alone, more people have done a direct to consumer DNA test than all prior years combined. If the trend continues, it is estimated that within the…

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Nebula Genomics

How we Benefit from DNA Testing

When the first smartphones arrived, few people understood how they would change our reality. Today, our internet-connected mobile device maps our travel, manages our finances,

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