Reviews of DNA tests and DNA upload sites

Welcome to our review blog! At Nebula Genomics, we offer 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing which is the most complete genetic test that is available today. We also offer free upload of DNA data to generate expanded reports based on the latest scientific research

However, there are so many use cases for personal genomics that it is impossible to offer a service that is the right choice for everyone. We want to help you find a genetic testing and analysis service that is best for you! Therefore we are reviewing genetic testing companies as well as websites where you can upload your DNA data. We also include reviews about other types of at-home tests.

Our goal is to answer common questions about genetic testing:

  • What is the overall best DNA test?
  • How much do different DNA tests cost?
  • How accurate is DNA testing?
  • Where can I upload raw DNA data?
  • Are DNA testing and genetic data upload safe?
  • Are there any free DNA tests or upload sites?
  • What are the best tests for specific ancestries (e.g. African, Native American or Jewish)?
  • What other types of at-home tests are available to consumers? 

Reviews of other products and services

We also review consumer health-related products and services. These are often complementary to personal genome sequencing. For example, DNA testing can help you choose the right diet, tune your fitness plan, identify vitamin and other supplement deficiencies or provided the basis for follow-up lab tests.

The reviewed products include:

  • At-home blood an other lab tests
  • Supplements and over-the-counter drugs
  • Medical and cosmetic treatments