Tutorials by Nebula Genomics

The decreasing costs of genetic testing technologies have made personal genomics accessible for many people. Today, genetics is no longer just a scientific field of research. It has become a subject that many consumers and patients are encountering in their lives. This has created a new challenge. How can we educate everyday people about such a complex topic?

Our mission is to make personal genome sequencing widely available and affordable. However, we also believe that we must educate our uses about the opportunities as well as risks of accessing their genetic blueprints.

This section of our blog contains tutorials that will help you get started on on a journey towards understanding your genetic code:

  • How do I access my raw DNA data?
  • What are all the different DNA file types like FASTQ, BAM and VCF files?
  • What tools can I use to analyze my DNA data?
  • How do I use popular interpretation services like GEDMatch and Promethease?
  • Where and how can I learn about genomes, genes and genetic variants?